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Vaccines for Puppies & Dogs

Vaccines are an effective way to protect your pet against harmful diseases.   

Just like people, pets benefit from vaccination. There are several highly contagious and deadly diseases that pets can contract. A simple vaccination prepares their bodies to defend against any future disease-causing agents, either lessening the severity of the disease or sometimes preventing infection altogether.

When should my puppy or dog be vaccinated?

We create vaccination schedules for each patient. Typically most puppies should begin their vaccines when they are 6 to 8-weeks-old. The puppy series will be administered every 2 to 4 weeks until they are 4-months-old. 

Adult dogs should have boosters once they have completed their puppy series. The vaccines they received in the past are effective for a certain period. Your veterinarian will recommend boosters and possibly non-core vaccines based on your pet's lifestyle. 

What vaccines should my pet receive?

By law, all dogs need core vaccines as they protect them from diseases that spread easily and have the potential to cause death. Core dog vaccines include Rabies, Canine Distemper, Canine Parvovirus, and Canine Hepatitis. We recommend additional vaccines, called non-core, based on your pet's lifestyle, access to other animals, their travel history, where they came from, etc. Non-core vaccines for your pet may include Lyme, Leptospirosis, Chlamydia, and Bordetella.

Are there any risks associated with vaccination?

Like any medical procedure, vaccination carries some risks. Some pets experience a mild fever, sluggishness, and reduced appetite. There may also be temporary pain or swelling at the vaccination site. Most adverse responses clear up on their own in a day or two; if you notice a prolonged or severe reaction to a vaccination, please contact us at 250-376-6797 for instructions.

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