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Microchipping for Pets

The only permanent, reliable way to be reunited with a lost pet.

A microchip is a small device that can identify your pet should they ever get lost. Many pet owners have seen the value in microchips after they were reunited with their lost pet, even after years apart. Each microchip has a unique ID number that can be identified with a special scanner. Once the chip is implanted underneath your pet's skin, you register with the manufacturer by providing your contact information. When your lost pet is found and brought to a veterinary clinic or shelter, they are checked for a microchip.

Is microchipping safe?

The procedure is simple and very safe for your pet. The chip is inserted between the shoulder blades with a special needle. In certain situations, your veterinarian will suggest implanting the chip when your pet is already under anesthesia for a routine procedure such as dental cleaning. The chip is compatible with your pet and made from non-harmful material.

My pet already has name tags. Do they need a microchip?

We recommend microchipping your pet, even if it has collars and tags. The microchip is a permanent ID for your pet that won't need repair or replacements. A collar or tag can be removed, lost or torn, making it challenging to identify your pet. The microchip serves as a backup if the name tags and collars fail. To schedule the procedure for your loyal companion, please call us at 250-376-6797.

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